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In September of 2009 I posted a concept many coaches and therapists were talking about; Buffer Zones. Last week Dr. Vitteritti spoke at his keynote presentation about Buffer Capacity, a very similar concept. Much of his presentation he talked about workload and thresholds and it was nice to see the fusion between sport and therapy. Often we get therapists that don’t look at the training week and work in isolation. A great way to improve the zone or reduce the risk is having a good training load plan with the sport coach, great mobility and soft tissue reserve, and gross power and fitness. Another key element shared by Dr. Vitteritti is the completeness of recovery and therapy. How often do athletes start feeling better near the end of rehabilitation only to get injured again because they were symptom free. Coaches and therapists are encouraged to have their own system of looking at risk and injuries based on the current status of their athletes in both conditioning and screening.
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