NFL Lockout and Injury Prediction


A lot of talk about the TJ Gabbett study this summer since the NFL is in lockout mode. Over five coaches have mentioned it this month and it’s only day 9. The question is not about predicting injury it is how fast one can actually get the data, analyze it, and then hopefully make an intervention. Sort of like the movie Back to the Future, one needs to have ready to go protocols if one identifies a risk. The problem is that many NFL athletes live and train with other coaches and many are more training on the fly then actually planning and creating good record keeping. What teams are prepared? In the news, one NFL team is doing some serious overhauls as we speak with pattern recognition beyond RPE and arbitrary units. The best team that handles fatigue and readiness is going to win the man games lost war. A good resource on monitoring training load pragmatically is ASPIRE, and there sport science is very underrated. I strongly suggest reading their lectures and presentations.
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