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During memorial day weekend, I left Massachusetts and drove out of state for a two days. I packed a map, GPS, and my experience of driving to the destination a few times. While my GPS was on I didn’t use it much, since I didn’t download the update I knew construction would be an issue in advance. Honestly the analogy of the coaching profession is similar to the change of water and ball compass and book of maps evolution to GPS. While I love technology, a good understanding of geography and internal sense of direction is a prerequisite, or you are hopelessly dependent on another voice telling you what to do. With shifty experts on the side of the road giving you roadmaps to the houses of the stars, we need to trust our own compass. So where to go? I suggest reading Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications and the Olympic Textbook in Science of Sport.
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Carl Valle

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Carl is an expert coach who has produced champions in swimming, track and numerous other sports. He is one of the foremost experts in the fields of nutrition and restoration.
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