The Garden of Sweden: Coach Andersson


Hakan Andersson is arguably one of the best sprint coaches in the world. In a small city of Sundsvall, he is constantly developing accomplished sprinters. He is someone I look up to and hope to become in the future. He is beyond a student of the sport, and his knowledge of the physics and chemistry of the body is unmatched. Working with 11.x sprinters and having them drop a second over the years is the most amazing progress, something often lost when we see monster talents show up with lousy training programs and perform at a high level. In Sweden, strength training is for improving performance on the track and not on youtube, fascia is just part of the body and not magic, HRV is a tool people use and not talk about, and coaching is a profession not an act on stage. We need to embrace more coaches like Hakan and learn what people do to develop athletes instead of just attaching themselves for product placement.
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