Etiology of Popliteus Strains in Sprinters


Social media has done a nice job of networking therapists and coaches, and a nice video by Patrick Ward was done to share some therapy techniques. Yet, the etiology is often murky, since program design and running mechanics are likely to be most of the problems. Hamstring flexibility is a red herring, but it does pay to have 95-100 degrees to be safe. The real cause reaching mechanics that overload the joint rotation neutralizers of the leg and foot. Strengthening them does help keep people durable, but adding rotational hops is not going to help those that reach to much and have an overstride and bad contact point. No screen exists to predict the injury, but pronation issues in both walk and running do hint to possible problems down the road. I have had two athletes with this problem and both had eversion and inversion imbalances from demanding competition schedules, something you can’t always politic your way out and must be managed with extra soft tissue therapy.
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