Not Fooled by Randomness


I was told to read Fooled by Randomness, a great book by the way, from a member of EliteTrack. It was a quick read and very enlightening how we confuse cause and effect and casual connections, often just noise or random coincidence. Often we believe that a piece of equipment, workout method, training system, and even a coach is responsible for the results we are seeing. Don’t be fooled. The key is to see the underlying variables beneath the surface, and see what the impact is regarding those modifiers. A few months ago a member was sharing Biology over Biography, and it was a hard pill to swallow as master coaches are often heros to the up and coming coaches. I had to put aside the fan in me and look hard again and see what is real and what is random. Without a working knowledge of what is making the impact, we are doomed to follow other workout programs without shifting through the accidental or random points and pan for the real gold, not the fool’s gold.
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