Joe Vigil: Anatomy of a Medal


Endurance events are very cutting edge with testing since the personalities of the athletes and coaches make it possible to peek into the physiology of the body. I am a big fan of Joe Vigil’s writing and presentations as he simply shares what he does and explains it very well. Blood testing always seems to creep into almost every presentation, as I have listened to nearly 10 of them so far. He makes what could be considered less glamorous exciting and thought provoking. I have done a lot of blood testing to see if the books and professors are right, and most of the time the theoretical expected changes in tapers and in adaptation occurs. Making blood work affordable and practical is not easy, but you can do three times a year and find out a lot. Joe Vigil is the ultimate sport scientist and continues to learn and evolve his program. I still use his guidelines form the Level III school in Iowa in the late 90s and it’s great to see his impact with coaches and athletes a like.
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