Central Pattern Generators- The Body is Smarter than we Think


Many good coaches share what not to coach and leave alone and not worry about. When I had the luxury of sitting down with Tom Tellez, he was very clear on what was happening because of reflex and what was happening because of the athlete’s effort. What is left for the coach? Not much. I think task guidance is what I am seeing with some coaches who seem to solve problems rapidly. Often coaches cue to help lead athletes into doing the right motion, but sometimes letting the athlete make the right connections is the right area. The best coaches have a strong enough ego to be off the sage and not hover around the athlete like part of an entourage in a 1990s rap video. Teaching is not explaining and talking all the time but guiding the athlete with just enough nudging. Perhaps one of the best blog posts this year I have read on coaching can be found at Aaron’s blog, a great coach at North Dakota.
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