The Art of Sport Science: HRV and Practical Settings


I am a big fan of the work coming out of the Research Institute for Olympic Sports in Jyväskylä, Finland. HRV is gaining some popularity but when I hear people are doing Omegawave testing once a week or twice a month here in the US I am confused. What information are we getting sampling once or twice a week? On the other hand people are using First Beat Technologies and trying to get a constant stream of HRV information and that is likely not to work when the athlete is away because of the equipment demands. Most of the time the athlete needs to track daily loads, similar to the suggestions of Dr. Sands, who is chief sports science head at the OTC in Colorado Springs. Having a morning or at rest HRV score is easy with some of the advances of bluetooth, making the heart rate straps obsolete. Most athletes don’t like straps binding on their chests. What we need is just a sampling of what is going on daily upon wake to begin with to see what choices we will have on training.
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