Stryka Snabbhet Manual- Last Chance


Jan Melen’s fine work is now heading off to the post office before this weekend. If you are a track and field coach or performance enhancement specialist it is a wise investment. While it may be available online later, I can’t give much influence on pricing and the additional gait information. Some of you have ordered the manual already and please email me your logos for the Periodization Planner that comes with it. In addition, the Dynamic Foot Infographic is a must have for those that are dealing with foot or foot related injuries and problems. The print is watermarked and includes two other copyright protection methods to prevent piracy. If you are looking to get it later it will be available for full price at amazon or similar online book sellers. Again this is a courtesy to ensuring that is the best resource for Track and Field. Finally, Mann’s book is being finished up and I will announce it when it’s released very soon.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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