Conversion of Touchdowns in Practice


What about touchdowns times in hurdling when the heights and spacings are different compare to meets? The first step is to see general speed difference between open running during a very hard day and testing. The main view is to see if the athlete is a practice performer (1-2 percent of race times), good trainer (3-4 percent of race times), or racer (someone that seems not to be able to practice but brings it on Saturday). After that touchdowns are based on frequency and power, meaning if hurdlers can imprint cut steps and and shuffling at bunched in spacings or if athletes have enough elastic power to not loose speed into the hurdle. A good way to get touchdowns is to video and look at first foot contact instead of stance phase so no interpretive errors will occur. Perhaps coaches will share what findings they have with their hurdlers so we can get better charts of what to do in practice and not just meets.

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Carl Valle

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