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After reading the notes to a coaching clinic on foot health, it was clear that many coaches were doing the right exercises but without direction. I see various adjustments all the time but felt obligated to do them because everyone else said so. So I raised my hand and asked why did the coach modify the foot stance with hurdle mobility and the answer was very enlightening. His response was foot and ankle health. Walking on your toes has some benefits if done right. Walking on the balls is similar, but more ankle joint strength than metatarsal mobility. Lateral pressure with a flat foot is also a unique benefit because the muscles around the foot serve as stabilizers at near 90 degrees. It’s funny how people walk around barefoot in weight rooms risking staph infections and other risks but don’t share the purpose. Dancers know heel – ball – toe and even if you suffered through the movie Black Swan you could have picked up a few pointers with keeping the feet healthy.

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Carl Valle

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