Jumping or Skipping Rope


The high school athlete is likely not to have ever jumped rope, hula hooped, or skipped by the time they reached freshman year. Often neophytes look like bulls in china shops but are coaches that are talking about mobility and activation good at coaching jumping rope? I was talking to a few coaches and was surprised at how many use jump ropes in their programs. I thought that the exercise was outdated in many Athletic Directors minds but most coaches are in the 30-50 age range in college and connect with basics. Ropes must be very short so that the flick comes from the wrist while the hands are at the side, ensuring the knee bend is minimal. Also good ropes have ball bearings, not just a handle and nylon/plastic, allowing for rapid frequencies. Keeping the ankle locked and loaded while bouncing at low amplitudes in place is a lost art. I am in no way saying that you must get a certification through the Jump Rope Institute, but it may help stopping by an old school boxing gym.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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