Prepare Not Spare


Thanks to fear mongering tactics from various marketing ploys, exercise is now dangerous unless its this or that way. Dr. Fishman, a MD and spine specialist and yoga teacher warns about bad teachers and overzealous students, since yoga is getting some bad press. I find it very interesting that nobody stops people from doing excessive amount of flexion and extension cycles of the knee from lunges (yes their is research) but we hear warnings about crunches more than don’t take candy from strangers. We hear constantly about sparing the spine but not using it is not preparing it, and having strong and thick erectors is not a scarlet letter providing one moves well. It’s ok to have a strong core, and if one program is not good enough to allow an exercise to be used, fix the program. When one asks kids if they have ever seen someone getting hurt doing < insert exercise >, this is just propaganda.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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