Stryka Snabbhet Manual: 25 copies available


We have 25 copies of the Power Sprint Manual by Jan Melen. I have tried for three years to get it translated because it has some material that I thought was thought provoking and well explained. Some information I found enlightening, some I didn’t agree with, but all of it was very honest. Also included is a very useful Dynamic Foot chart for understanding sprinting gait. This is not an e-book or pdf, it’s a full manual printed and mailed out. Since shipping is not convenient to me, I am doing one batch only and it’s first come first serve. I have 5 slots for international coaches and at least 15 for the domestic coaches here in the US. I decided to attach two pages of the manual so coaches can preview the manual, and you can PM me to order. The manual is 20 USD and postage is USPS First class. In the discussion thread I attached a few pages.

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Carl Valle

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