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Perhaps the biggest mystery is the lack of attention classic books such as Strength and Power in Sport (Paavo Komi) are getting with coaches. Instead of listening to the interpretations of others, why not read what the sport scientists say directly from the horses mouths. In college EPOC was discussed and I felt elite athletes were the only ones benefitting from it because I did hard workouts and didn’t get leaner on the coach the next day. EPOC is real but not as significant as we first believed, including my own observations in the late 1990s. Interesting enough, the same mistakes are being repeated with the fuzzy math of what is enough to increase power and strength. What agenda does one have when they share conclusions of research? My suggestion is to read the research and look at the take home message in a practical environment. Often a few additional minutes of work that isn’t exciting can reap big dividends at the end of the season.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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