Tendons are Boring?


Statistically, tendon ruptures and other injuries to the connective tissue are rising in many contact and non-contact sports. One of the reasons for that is the durability of athletes from lack of general strength training. While some confusion exists with muscles, fascia has clouded people’s appreciation for the less magical tendons that support our body. People think you treat tendons and not train them, a big mistake in many coaches eyes. I believe that we need to focus on more and more classic training methods and people need to to calm down on the nervous system. Software runs on hardware, and the brain needs the body to run. I was very pleased to see the book Strength and Conditioning- Biological Principles and Practical Applications including a chapter about tendon physiology. More texts from sport science are needed to balance out the selective memories of various pundits regarding performance research.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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