Cryotherapy: Is it worth it?


Some of the interesting HRV research on thermotherapy is making contrast baths, cold showers, ice whirlpools, and saunas popular again. Much of the research on ice packs show little effect, likely because the application isn’t long enough. For me I rarely use cold unless injury or risk of swelling. Many do ice baths during the GPP, a time when you are trying to build the capacity to repair, the exact opposite timing that one needs. What about after football games or other collision based sports? When reviewing some of the world class therapy notes from a previous conference, many therapists were very vocal about supporting the natural inflammatory process bye light exercise after the swelling went down, and encouraged immediate pool workouts vehemently. A simple rule of thumb after acute tissue injury is crushed ice on location and tub after the first application for 4 interval hours.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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