Unilateral Limits


Track coaches have know about the unilateral transfer of power for decades. How many bilateral high jumps, javelins, long jumps, and kangaroo style 100m dashes have we seen? Why do coaches still use squats? Does the the Bilateral Deficit work practically in the real world with other exercises? If a high school girl can do 10 great pull-ups or chin ups, can she do at least 5 single arm bouts? A betting man will say no. What about dumbbell bench compared with single arm vs bilateral actions? If I dumbbell bench 8 reps with 100 pounds, can I do six with 150? The ironic thing is even if it was true, training economy still must apply just as much as other methods of training. Does three sets of squats equal four sets of single leg exercises if the numbers work out? My suspicion is that we should exploit the bilateral deficit with power and speed work as sprinting and bounding are natural single leg activities and we don’t need to be that specific all the time to get people better.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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