Finnish Volume Training


Now that it’s a crime to be strong, volume is the next outlawed characteristic, and no wonder people are gravitating back to Poliquin. Of course any quality in human performance that is quantified is now vilified by the functional crowd. One beacon of truth are many of the studies from Finland, as they are done with elite athletes and teams, making them invaluable to coaches wanting to see how real variables are mixed. Volume is a variable, and when absolute preachings taint sport science practice try to remove volume from the equation like HIT efforts years ago, we paint ourselves in a corner. Volume is necessary, and perhaps essential to making change. While acute volume may not occur in one session, training frequency may me more vital when pressed for time. The body is plastic and adapts to stress if loaded progressively, doing less is often just less because the body increases a capacity to tolerate the stress given.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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