Single Leg Loading and Passive Restraints


While it’s convenient to talk about the decrease in loading on the spine with single leg trends, but what happens to the hip and knee with the wear and tear of artificial asymmetrical loading? The meniscus and labrum of the knee and hip don’t regenerate due to poor blood flow and other factors, why is it acceptable to overload them at the expense of the spine with pseudo single leg exercises with 100+ kilos? This is not a post to create a hierarchy of importance regarding joints, but it seems we need to explore both sides of the debate with exercise selection. This is not a blog post to create unnecessary fear, but a way to look at everything without bias. Instead of counting flexion patterns of pig cadavers, perhaps we should look at human knees and hips with strain energy density technologies of all exercises, not just squats and other proven methods.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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