Spine Health and Squatting Patterns


I enjoy reading Craig Liebenson’s blog as he asks good questions. It’s interesting to see how the blogosphere creates debates and flushes out beliefs. His current post stirred up some debate on what is right and wrong, and it looks like people are starting to think for themselves instead of clinging to dogma that is slowly being revealed to be a bit overzealous. A good question is about spinal and other body tissues that don’t regenerate well and what we can do to prevent early breakdown (mechanobiology of intervertebral discs and similar structures). Not loading the spine with a bar is not a solution, since running, jumping, and cutting will place heavy forces up through the feet to combat gravity. I think we should look at all the research of many great scientists and experts, and not rehash one opinion, no matter how convenient it is to one’s philosophy.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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