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We all have seen poor landing mechanics that are toe dominant (King of Pop your Achilles), but how effective is our explanation of setting things up for good foot strike? I like the idea of using a small mini hop that is hip dominant to initiate the pretension instead of stepping down off a box. The biomechanics of stair decent often encourages a toe drop, since the body is trying to get proprioceptive feedback to ward off potential danger. Stepping off the wrong way collapses the foot and causes knee dominance, thus overloading the anterior knee and achilles. When I was viewing GS circuits of one particular team I found it interesting the high volume of body weight speed quarter squats for the jumpers, but after asking blunt questions the grooving aspect of such circuits made sense. Use a hip dominant initiation pre hop and mid-flight pretension for better jumps to keep athletes healthy and more explosive.

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Carl Valle

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