Watered Down Concurrent Periodization


The problem when training facilities incorporate periodization methods of full time elite athletes is a growing problem. Do a little of everything, like sprinkling a ton of different seasoning is common in order to mix things up and train concurrently in two or three hours a week? The reason this fails is often because the signal is diluted from the lack of intensity, volume, or both. Signal strength is why block phases are often layered into vertical integration programs because the message must be clear when mixing various training elements. Another factor is the frequency and breadth of the signaling, not just one magic session, must be high enough and long enough to actually create an actual adaption. How all of the elements mixing together is hard to evaluate, a simple way to gage the effectiveness is to use benchmarks and compare the modality with the research that uses actual athletes that are in the middle of real training.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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