European Influences in Medicine Ball Training Part 1


Medicine ball training in the US seems to be low volume of some throws against a wall only. While I am a big advocate of throwing against a wall, history shares that most athletes years ago used a partner for good reason. First, partner work is more GS with an increase of volume, as partners change the frequency of the reps speed. Medicine Balls from the late 1800s are not much different then what they have today, save the bouncing rubber option. One reason they were bigger was because the Germans in the 1820s found them to improve and bias the use of the trunk vigor . Small medicine balls often make the upper body (arm and shoulder) dominant when throwing. You can’t get Decathlete abdominals from 3 x 5 medicine ball throws, but thousands of reps. The great thing about medicine ball work is the countless options to make training continuous and efficient.

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Carl Valle

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