Improving Cut Steps in Hurdling


The cut step is a purposeful shorten stride that isn’t easy to develop. Some coaches crave drills or exercises that force the athlete to do the right thing at the right time. Charlie referred to the learning without teaching method, but after sending guys up to toronto, I learned that some cueing is always necessary. One tip on teaching the cut step is demand the athlete to take off early so they don’t have big air times. It sounds simple but at high speeds the more primitive the cuing must be. Often coaches prefer athletes surge between hurdles in order to work on quickness when doing five step drills with intermediate level athletes. I have seen coaches take girls from 13.5 -12.4x and it may take years to do some of the changes, it’s not stage magic with instant success but more like gardening and other hobbies give you enough feedback to encourage you.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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