Integrated Breathing


Aaron Schwenzfeier and a few other coaches were participating in a discussion with a world leading capnography expert on the realities of breathing training with athletes. Questions such as what is the rate of dysfunction with athletes, how general training can be introduced to encourage natural patterning, and of course should we worry about it. The answer is a strong no. You will encounter problems but the statistics of dysfunction as well as good coaching will clear most problems easily. Some athletes will need it, some will not. Where is the evidence? Where are the hordes of sub 2 hour marathoners coming from gurus from their barefoot training, activated bodies, perfect fascial lines from graston sessions, and of course breathing education series? Conversely, we must look at the efforts of others trying to explore areas that could be problematic objectively, as many athletes need to just breathe a little easier in modern life.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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