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Continuing on the same motif of GPP and injury reduction, I like eccentric calf work. One of the few times using a leg press will actually help performance. I like twice a week with straight and bent leg options during the first part of GPP for three sets double leg. After four weeks switch to two sets, single leg on the straight leg option only. Interesting enough the ankle mobility increases more than isolated ankle mobs with dorsiflexion with many athletes. When the plantar flexors are tight, static stretching may not work and eccentric training may be the only option. Athletes have spent a lot of time doing knee drives against the wall or paying for joint mobs from a therapist when the tissue restriction will lock up the joint again the next day. I am not a huge advocate for isolation methods but it works. Dan was an advocate of this in the 1990s at least, and I am glad I tried it.

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