Mike Stone and the ETSSC


I enjoy Dr. Mike Stone’s work as it’s bread and butter sport science. Some love him. Some find him too dry or bland. I find him fundamental and rooted. Everyone wants new, but after watching videos and looking at workouts on paper, we need more people like Dr. Stone. Kettlebell swings with 32 pounds is not power. Renegade rows are cool to entertain pro athletes but if you don’t do a full push-up and they can’t row 45 pounds, perhaps we need fundamentals. At first I felt that the information Dr.Stone was obvious, but I realized the devil is in the details. Just doing olympic lifts is not the answer, how heavy, how much, and of course how you do them is the name of the game. What about testing? What about periodization and strength blocks? He is not a pioneer for sport science but he is a fighter for the need of real sport science in the US, and his Coaches Conference is a breath of fresh air. I suggest reading more of his work.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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