Spine Function Monitoring


Core training continues to stir debate and I lean in the middle with the importance. I think it should be included but the research doesn’t support the impact those that market it as the next big thing. If you are going to do anything, even just 20 minutes 3 x week, do it right. A simple strategy is to monitor pain and stress of specific core work through the year and cross-reference it compared to the other factors in training. I bet my life that that the fastest performances didn’t have a core system that would make Paul Chek proud, but note all of the athletes suffered season ending, often surgical, injuries. As coaches we have a responsibility to the athletes we work with. Just because one athlete on a team equals a small percentage of your roster, their hopes and dreams represent a 100% of their desires. The spine is so important for health that we must do a better job to the point it’s at the level with our running workouts.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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