Mobility before Stability?


After several emails requesting me thinking about the joint by joint approach and other theories available, the question is, what are we doing differently than 30 years ago. I had the pleasure of looking at one program of an elite multievent athlete over a year and saw a Body Alignment Period during the GPP. Mobility and Muscle Flexibility was heavily focused on with both single leg exercises, perhaps influenced by Frank Dick suggesting one have general mobility and strength balance during the first phase of training. General Mobility is not a bad term, but a complete washout of restrictions of the entire body over a period of time. We are talking weeks of ground based and gravity enhanced strength training that creates better postures and complete ranges of motion. In the 1970s things were integrated, now we have splinter cell cults of corrective exercise. We are not doing it better, we just have cooler science that shows us what we are not doing.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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