New Review Method: Charlie Weingroff DVD


We plan to do a review of the new therapy product by Charlie Weingroff. Our group of coaches will get our hands on the DVD series and review it later, but the question is how good will any product be years from now. One product was released and the creators defended the contraindicated modalities as the industry is always evolving, yet 20 years earlier a book that could be found on for 5 dollars warned against it’s use. What separates Charlie is the fact he has a powerlifter background, making him seeing both sides of the spectrum, a great perspective. How effective or what impact his DVD will have on high level therapists we will find out. Our review will be posted in January as I am sure we will get some great information. He had an excellent podcast earlier this year, and while I may not agree with everything he says, it’s nice to see someone who really seems to be doing a through job investigating the tough stuff.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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