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After many private emails sent to me regarding the World Class Therapy post, the most common question are what observations I have had sending people in far away cities in and out of the country and what they all did collectively. Everyone wishes to play Dr. House, pretending to be a guru or therapy mind, but the realities are that a lot of work must be done to solve problems completely.The problem is a lot of this is just wishful thinking or leading questions to support a specific dogma or approach, with the DVD or manual being available. The best therapy is usually exhausting to the athlete as they are receiving a massive amount of tissue work, joint play, and motor reeducation. They are not just treating one muscle or one joint after investigation, they are rebooting the entire body. After the athlete is fixed, all of the information, not just the primary causes, are shared to watch other problems from happening again or mutating to different injuries.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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