Cleaning Ratio and Rep Distribution


Harry Aikines-Aryeetey’s 170kg clean video was impressive, and good questions were asked about the emphasis on such raw power in the weights vs perhaps actual running focus. With his 200m time and 60m time having a disparity, the real question is when or if he will go sub 10 and improve his speed and speed endurance. The real question is how much resources does one have to developing power through the lifts compared to sprinting and plyometrics? What I did was look at one particular athlete from another country and see what emphasis was on the clean, given her bodyweight and rep schemes through the entire year. What was interesting is the amount of time at 1.25 bodyweight which was not prescribed but occurred by happenstance. Her lifting history could be meaningless but someone’s PR may not dictate their efforts getting there. The only way is to look at the effort placed into augmenting the scores and that requires very good record keeping.

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