Acceleration Revisited


Daniel Andrews did a nice job of looking at velocity and change in acceleration with his graphs. I didn’t get the use of the Jerk, since the units of time and distance were nothing close to the time and distance with 60m of sprinting. After thinking about biological limits and commonalities, things are less murky. Everyone is talking about the first 10yards in combine prep (40y mark provided by black arrow at 36.576m) being important as it’s the easiest to change and the most impact to performance improvements because of time. I don’t agree. We all know starts are important for a hundred years as track coaches have invested a lot of time into them. The real improvement comes in areas we are not as well aware of since many coaches have more trouble in faster periods of the run. When the barbell and slower velocity options have less effect, longer runs will trump the 10y specialists, provided regeneration methods are increased to offset the CNS/Tissue strain.

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