Barefoot Tribes


Barefoot extremists are not the problem, it’s the coaches who think that they are not extremists but believe that strength training in ballet slippers will a significant correction to foot function. Where is the evidence? I like barefoot training but a balance is needed. Some people are born with poor vision but do we tell them to not wear glasses all the time? Currently very little rules and concepts are available but a good idea is not to do anything maximal with them. Some strides and drills are great, but not everyone is built to run fast barefoot. While we were perhaps born to run, some of us are pure mesomorphs that are too big to take up aerobic running. Especially athletes that have large frames, the feet can’t take it. Walking around with vibrams doesn’t make you enlightened when the truth is we don’t know if barefoot training is good for everyone. I do think naturally we need to free the feet naturally but too much of a good thing can spell problems.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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