Rugby has a great relationship with sport science, and the South African Heart Rate Recovery Test (SAHRRT) is a good example of trying to get more bang for your buck with regards to real conditioning. You don’t need an Omegawave or radiographic imaging of the left ventricle to monitor fitness, a simple weekly interval series on the grass, bike, or pool can be used to gage change of fitness and overtraining. The balance isn’t easy and I don’t have the answers, but I think looking at the two factors of Working HR and % HR Recovery Score can shed some light to one’s program. All you need is a stop watch and a HR monitor and you can get some great information. The trick is to look at the trends and slopes, not the actual heart rate numbers because they vary between athletes and sports. In the second part I will post a summary of what coaches have found and attach a PDF for instructional purposes.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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