Baxter’s The Foot and Ankle in Sport


Not a cheap text by any means, this resource is a good start for professionals trying to understand foot function in sport. David A. Porter MD PhD and Lew C. Schon MD lead the path into foot anatomy and care. Often many sports medicine professionals do wonderful evaluations on joints and muscle groups using a conventional approach. This muscle is short, that muscle is weak, this joint is restricted, that tendon is sore. A biomechanical summary based on those findings are summarized and everyone feels comfortable with the root of the problem. Muscular imbalances are the dynamite but the fuse is often the feet and movement styles. I have seen many great coaches do wonderful jobs creating structural changes and increasing fitness and function, only to see athletes get injured again. Understanding the foot is an important start and it’s beyond getting orthotics. I strongly suggest this text as a good start.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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