Elite Athlete Monitoring: London 2012


I modified the recovery monitor I posted last month to include scantron bubbles instead of boxes to the right. While a little crowded in the torso, it covers neck, shoulder, middle spine, ribs, elbow, low back hip, hand, knee, ankle, and foot. Since this team has nearly 50 people on it, I suggested they use an ipod touch 4th generation with a proprietary app to take the picture of each day and make a stop motion movie of the regional soreness/ tightness shaded by the athlete. Inspired by Edward Tufte and supported by the work of Dr.Bill Sands at the Olympic Training center, the athlete can get a lot of information recorded. The recovery questionnaire has a Global RPE to reflect on the entire workout after the 15 minute regeneration cool-down thanks to Mladen Jovanovic pushing me to raise the bar. You don’t need more than a few minutes each day to get data, just use creativity.

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Carl Valle

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