Yield vs Bouncing


After reading the Reactivity Rubric I tried to create clarity with plyometrics before releasing the Medicast on what I have learned over the past few years. I think plyos can be grouped into two categories. One is yielding (absorbing), and the bouncing (redirecting energy). While this is nothing new, the specifics create some interesting options. You can yield with a stick, gradual stop, or rapid decent with pause. You can bounce rapidly with elastic energy, redirect with more speed strength in order to facility a bias of muscle use, or reverse it with preloading tension. I don’t know what is best but I have seen purposeful prescriptions and the training worked more consistently. I think performance is highly dictated by not only managing loading with volumes and intensities, but ensuring that distributing forces through joints and soft-tissue appropriately is an avenue that needs more focus.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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