Lag Time Phenomena


Perhaps the biggest mystery to performance improvement is where the contributions are coming from and when do we expect the changes to occur? I don’t know but I just started asking coaches that have good record keeping about phase transfer rates. For example, how fast do various forms of training actualize in performance. For example if I PR in the snatch will that show up next week in the 60m dash or will it show up during outdoors? I have no conjectures just observations of limited experience, but some coaches have used a lot of different programs at different schools and clubs with great success. A good way to look at things is to see the practice variables and how long did they arrive before the improvements in performance. Using a Planning Sheet you can use a gantt chart to see how rapid or long a transfer takes, but how much time one spent investing into that change. Studying other programs is my way of learning of what can be done in similar situations.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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