Power and Strength Growth


Sometimes sports science researchers must be cornered and asked for their experience surveying world class programs. One question I asked was the timeline of absolute power development vs the rate of strength growth, and, what is the best distribution of one’s resources should be invested based on training age. While most programs are concurrent, what are realistic benchmarks during the season and at different training ages for not only track, but speed and power sports in general? Maximal power with internal loads (bilateral jumps and sprints) must be done early and often, and it takes 2 years to fully utilize gains in strength that are beyond 2 x BW on the squat. Many times we see 50-100 pound increases of squat numbers that equate to 30% jumps in max strength, but only 3% in power? Looking at the tables it seems that resources of speed and power must be dramatic in order to use max strength. Conversely, dramatic max strength changes are necessary to see improvements in power, and even less influences are seen in power.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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