S-CORE and Periodization of Torso Training


Currently I am reading a manual on core training that includes some stuff from gymnastics, diving, and of course the field events such as pole vault and the throws. What I like is the concept of Degree of Difficulty of the core exercises going from 1-6 and a multiplier for including the height and weight the of athletes, those that are not mechanically advantaged as their lighter and shorter counterparts. The formula sum is called an S-Core, for obvious reasons. Sort of like a sayers equation for heavier athletes and the vertical jump, the coefficient tables and the listing of demand of exercises based on biomechanical strain, core training and competence can be scored into a metric to show progress vs counting reps or time under tension. I hope the author will tighten up the manual in time for Christmas as the information is outstanding and should be public.

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Carl Valle

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