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Perhaps one of the most ironic twists of reality is the use of gluteals during max speed sprinting. Three probable reasons for glute recruitment is the posture while sprinting, foot mechanics, and the vertical drop while sprinting. One popular process says don’t sprint at full speed because you will pull hamstrings, but sprinting activates glutes, so the one way to ensure a reduction in pulls is to remove the risk? Single leg training doesn’t have to be the flavor youtube exercise of the week, it could be just intense training or practice. Other options can be bounding and hops that focus on vertical displacements. I can recall booty lock issues when doing 150m repeat sprints of people overloading glutes to the point they tighten, a clear example that you don’t need air hip thrusts. Barbell Hip Thrusts are a different story, but with limited resources I think single leg and double leg air hip thrusts are just a waste of time in a complete program.

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Carl Valle

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