FMS 2.0?


The FMS overhead squat test tells a lot if you use it to it’s full advantage, and I enjoy the posts of Rune Brix have guided me to more challenging questions. For me I see three key angles that coaches should place into their assessment profile. The Horizon line and bar point, The horizon and torso line, and the depth of the squat angle- Instead of a integers between 0-3. Now Rune made some good points about testing without shoes, but the purpose is taking a look at one test and increasing the resolution and bandwidth. Contrast the data without shoes or with bar load and similar exercises. For me I wouldn’t use the conventional scoring of rounding integers up or down just increasing the resolution to degrees. It’s faster, simpler, more objective, and commonly used with other tests like the PCA. Instead of using totals of averaged scores of rounded subjective grading, just keep it unfiltered and the scoring becomes better.

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