Turkey Tips


In celebration of Thanksgiving here are some ways to help with jump testing for power. I know a lot of coaches love field tests and here are some tips I have picked up from some bright people. While this is mainly for athletes involved with track and field, some of the test methods below are very useful:

(1) Compare right and left and static to counter movement jumps to get an idea of the type of jumper and what possible deficits one has between right and left.

(2) Single leg hop tests for 5-10 yards are great for stiffness and a brisk but safe approach help ensure the air times and ground times are realistic due to the horizontal velocities. Standing 3 step sprint accelerations beforehand help keep the velocities safe.

(3) Single leg rotational jumps, hops or bounds are great for athletes of all levels and events. 45, 90, 180, and 360 degrees with various heights, joint depths, rotational spins, and general directions are great overload methods for stabilizers.

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Carl Valle

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