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The McCurdy study is brought up now as exhibit B for evidence of muscle recruitment. If you read the study, the depth of the TLS (two leg squat) is only to parallel and they didn’t include glute maximus. The medial glute is important to linking the hip and foot but that’s why you do both single leg and double leg exercises. The quads are important muscles and often are looked at as simple prime movers and people keep forgetting that force reduction is not just about stabilizers. How are guys getting faster in 10 yard dashes, or running it in five steps for that matter, with an exercise that is researched to get less quad EMG activity? Hamstring EMG studies with cleaning from the floor is much different than from the hang, and with some hang cleans that include premature foot roll the classic combination of double lifts for strength and power and single leg emphasis work to fine tune function seems to be the clear winner.

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