RFESS Madness 2


The Diamond Ratio for many athletes is speed power qualities based on bodyweight and height. Some outlandish claims are being made on the RFESS creating freaks but where is the evidence. This reminds me of the story of the beautiful condo that includes no pictures in the brochure, lots of sound but little fury. Certainly we should be seeing increases in squat and CMJ performances for both single and double legs based on body weight? Where is the statistical spike? Surely we should see 46 inch verticals with entire teams while everyone is bullet proof in games? I have seen other flavors of the exercise with deficits to add depth but with only a pair of DB what is the benefit unless it’s a support exercise? Some are using TRX to with no weight and that is fine for GPP but for primary leg exercises with speed and power athletes?

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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