RFESS Madness


The intoxication with new and improved is causing a lot of coaches to wonder is including the RFESS is worth the investment. Similar to some athletes doing rehab exercises causing coaches to include them with all athletes is very similar to having all athletes do the RFESS as a primary exercise. Ironically the bilateral squat is used in the FMS tests yet the RFESS is used as a squat substitute. I doubt Gray Cook is going to convert to overhead RFESS testing for obvious reasons. The classic squat demands mobility and precision contracting qualities that are not replicated by RFESS work. If one has tight hips because of glute amnesia the problem will cause excessive lumbar extension. Even after stretching out the hip flexor will contract in order to help balance the the pelvis. The exercise is good and is valuable for some athletes but every rose has it’s thorn.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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