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A common workout is the GSBB or the bodybuilding circuit with some circles. I like it but it’s not a hormone booster. Endorphins feel good and some insulin sensitivity will increase, but I think people need to understand that it’s not an anabolic or hormone spiking program. Anabolic Hormones increase from intensity and volume but not volume alone. Work capacity will not allow another speed endurance rep of 250m so what is the real reason people use it? While it’s likely to be partially trendy and accepted as dogma, the realities is more training is likely to help peaking by creating volume that doesn’t compete with CNS resources. The intensity is low enough and the impact is minor, GSBB may be a good solution to those that need to distribute work that is general on the body without getting dead legs. Also training that doesn’t hamper CNS recovery also helps prevent flatness and staleness that may occur form passive rest, something I did too much of before.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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